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Here you can read and download Oxfam Denmarks strategic plans.

Yuli is a Himpunan Wanita Disabilitas Indonesia (HWDI, Indonesian Women with disability Association) leader, and states that women with disabilities often face GBV and many don’t have any idea on how to report the assault. She originally joined Oxfam partner Adara initiatives for its incentives, but started participating in more workshops for the new people she could meet.

Strategy 2023-2027

Strategy 2018-2022

Partner strategies and policy guides

​The following strategies and policies guides our work with partners, safeguarding, anti-corruption and fraud:

Thematic Profiles

Oxfam Denmark has developed Thematic Profiles on based on our Strategies, Vision, Mission and Values. In close corporation with our partners we base our development work on these:

Approaches and methods
Oxfam Denmark bases its work on proven approaches and methods in the development work. Read more and also find an overview of the concept papers that Oxfam Denmark has developed in education.
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