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About us

We stand strong, and we stand together, when we fight inequality and injustice.

Our future holds the prospect of a life of dignity for all, and an economy that works for all and not only for the few.

We are an organization of people with a passion for global justice; people across the world with the will to make change happen; people who truly believe that the world can be different and more just.

Together we can fight inequality.

Jobs and careers
At Oxfam Denmark, we continuously advertise new positions - including student and internship positions.
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This is how we work

We have gathered our work under four thematic areas: Education, Economic justice, Climate justice and Humanitarian aid.

It is of vital importance to Oxfam Denmark that we make a difference and that we never fail to protect the people we work with and for against all forms of sexual harassment, abuse, exploitation or violence. We do everything we can to prevent these things from happening, and we take it very seriously if it does happen. One of the cornerstones is Oxfam's Code of Conduct, which regulates our behavior and describes how everyone in Oxfam, regardless of location, should carry out their work.

We believe that we can achieve our goals as long as we stand together – as people, as organisations, as companies and across traditional divides. We work with a wide range of companies and donors who play an important role in our ability to achieve our goals.