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Responsibility and quality assurance

Oxfam Denmark takes responsibility through our values ​​and policies, which all employees are informed about so that they can live by them. And through standards and procedures, we can ensure the quality of our work and activities. You can also read about our humanitarian work and which international obligations and standards we work based on - thereby ensuring that we continuously hold ourselves accountable and challenge ourselves to constantly improve.

International obligations, principles and standards

The most basic human right is the right to life. Through international humanitarian legislation, principles and standards, we have committed ourselves to react when people's lives, health and livelihoods are threatened. Therefore, the protection of communities in crisis is essential in our work.

Our humanitarian work is designed to create security. We work continuously to ensure social, economic and climate sustainability in our work and so that the local communities we help can always hold us accountable. To ensure this, we have developed internal systems and signed external agreements that measure our efforts, continuously hold us accountable and challenge us to constantly improve.

We have committed to: