Economic Justice

Economic inequality and injustice are on the rise. The elite is expanding their wealth at the expense of everyone else. Oxfam Denmark is working to strengthen the capacity and influence of civil society at local, national and international level to push for progressive taxation and a new economic model that puts people and climate first.

The 10 richest men

in the world have more wealth than the poorest 40%.

The poorest 50%

has only 7% of the global income.

88.6 billion USD

is lost in Africa due to illicit financial flows. Every year.

110 important results

achieved in our programmes on Economic Justice from 2018 -2021

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To tackle the increasing economic inequality and lack of fiscal justice which undermine stability, financing of social services and the achievement of the SDG’s, Oxfam Denmark works to empower the voice and capacity of civil society to influence governments and international actors to redouble their efforts to strengthen progressive and gender sensitive tax mobilization and reinvest in pro-poor public spending.

Together with partners and allies, we seek to address the root causes of economic injustice and promote alternatives to austerity measures, the debt crisis, and to illicit financial flows that undermine public budgets and weaken the link between progressive taxation and sustainable development outcomes.

Civil society movements, youth, women and local communities are rising against the extreme concentration of wealth and power. Oxfam Denmark is supporting them to proactively engage and collaborate with governments, private sector and financial institutions to identity pro-poor solutions and to hold them accountable for complying with sustainable, fair and responsible business standards and policies.

Malita, 35, cooks with her four month old son, Joseph, in the hanger. They live in the Bangula-camp, Southern Malawi.
Photo : Philip Hatcher-Moore

Our work for Economic Justice

  • We promote tax justice at the national and international level through working for progressive and gender transformative domestic resource mobilization (DRM) and ending tax loopholes and illicit financial flows.
  • We advocate for pro-poor and gender transformative public budgeting and spending to finance social services such as quality education, public health care and social security, and to invest in the green transition.
  • Oxfam Denmark promotes a human economy and challenge economic policies that increase inequality, and push for stronger commitment to international financing for development and debt cancellation particularly to meet the needs of people in conflict ridden and fragile countries.
  • We engage with private sector and push for responsible investments that contribute to the SDG’s, climate and gender justice, improved livelihoods as well as creation of decent jobs and innovative solutions in the green transition.
  • We seek to strengthen public awareness and advocacy on economic justice by enhancing the capacity of and collaboration with investigative journalists and media at local, national and international level.
Decades of progress on extreme poverty are now in reverse and millions of people are facing impossible rises in the cost of simply staying alive
Gabriela Bucher
Executive Director, Oxfam International

Join us in the fight for Economic Justice

Oxfam Denmark annually supports and strengthens civil society organizations and social movements worldwide to push governments for more inclusive and progressive tax systems and economic policies. You can support Oxfam Denmark’ collaboration with investigative journalists and independent media to uncover the negative consequences of economic inequality and create public awareness. Your support can also strengthen Oxfam Denmark’ work with youth and women’s movements in Africa and Latin America in their fight for progressive economic policies and taxation.