CSO-Fund in Niger

Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world it is 189th out of 191 countries in the 2021 Human Development Index. It suffers from many challenges including weak institutions, inadequate judicial systems, lack of freedom of expression and lack of access services such as education and health. These challenges especially impact vulnerable marginalised groups such as women, children, refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs). The crises in Mali and Libya and the rise of the Boko Haram sect in Nigeria have had serious consequences for Niger, promoting the proliferation of weapons, drugs and religious extremism in the country and an influx of many refugees.

The programme

The programme promotes good governance, freedom of expression and respect for human rights by supporting the work of civil society organizations and independent administrative authorities. Our main goals are ensuring the population is better informed about human rights; the civil society is engaging more decisively in peace talks; and the population has access to unbiased and reliable media coverage.

With more open and inclusive mechanisms, women, youth and marginalised groups can participate in the dialogues on key issues in society. Their inclusion will lead to fewer conflicts over the management of natural resources and a reduction of radicalisation and violent extremism. To improve their capacity to work in conflict affected areas, we train civil society actors in various thematic areas such as International Human Rights Instruments, the law of armed conflict, conflict analysis, understanding the link between access to natural resources and conflicts, and non-violent conflict management.

This project is supported by Danida via the Danish embassy with a budget of 40 million DKK.

Country: Niger

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