Our work in Palestine

We seek to empower young Palestinians to find jobs in the green transition and mobilize for improved skills and vocational education that strengthen the resilience of their communities.

185 vulnerable young

Palestinians are supported to get a job or start their own businesses

9 green value chains

in agriculture are targeted by Oxfam including dates and olives

2 private companies

in Palestine partner with Oxfam Denmark to support young people

Our work in Palestine focuses on the needs and aspirations of young people.

One in three Palestinians live in poverty and prospects for a safe, and decent future are severely limited by the Israeli occupation.

Almost half of the Palestinian population is dependent on aid, and almost two million people are trapped in Gaza with little access to basic necessities and economic opportunities.

Without access to jobs, it is impossible for young people to build a future for themselves and become active citizens who can fight for their rights.

That is why we support young Palestinian men and women to get the technical and vocational education and training that will enable them to get a job.

It will strengthen local communities and help build a strong and resilient Palestine.

Our goals in Palestine

  • To support young Palestinian women and men in the Jordan Valley and Gaza to get the technical skills and education they need to get a job in the Palestinian agriculture and agribusiness sector
  • To support groups of young Palestinians to advocate for changes and reforms that improve their access to education and economic opportunities
  • To enter innovative partnerships in the private sector that promotes youth employments and bolster the resilience of vulnerable Palestinian communities
  • To strengthen local communities through the empowerment of young people
The Palestinian economy cannot become self-sustainable under the existing conditions as Israeli restrictions and occupation does not allow Palestinian control of its own resources or economy.
Denmark’s Strategic Framework Denmark – Palestine 2021-2025
Foreign Ministry

Facts about Palestine

  • Palestine has been illegally occupied by Israel since 1967
  • Two thirds of Palestinian agricultural land in the West Bank is severely restricted by Israel
  • All water resources in Palestine are under Israel military control
  • Only 1 in 3 graduates in Palestine get a job, and for women the situation is even more difficult