Our work in Yemen

We provide humanitarian assistance to those most affected, ensure access to food, protection services, clean water and sanitation, and help women and young people to have a stable livelihood so that they can feed their families.

21.6 million

are in urgent need of emergency humanitarian aid and protection

17 million

experience high levels of acute food insecurity

835 people

participated in peacebuilding acitivities from Oxfam Denmark in 2020-2021

173.407 yemenites

have received humanitarian assistance from Oxfam Denmark in 2020-2021

Yemen has long been the poorest country in the Middle East. After more than eight years of conflict, the nation has been left in a desperate situation, with 21.6 million people in urgent need of humanitarian relief, while 4.5 million have been internally displaced from their homes.

The lack of infrastructure has made access to healthcare, clean water, sanitation and education more difficult, and the continued fragility of Yemen's economy means fewer people can afford to meet their basic needs.

Our work in Yemen contributes to addressing the immediate humanitarian needs of the deeply deeply affected population, as well as building and strengthening their resilience in times of crisis.

We ensure that vulnerable people have improved access to water and sanitation facilities, protection and food, and we provide the most vulnerable with cash to meet their immediate basic needs.

We support sustainable, income-generating activities and provide technical training so that we can strengthen people's livelihoods.

We empower women, young people and minorities to safely, fairly and meaningfully claim their rights, actively participate  in decision-making processes and  promote dialogue and peace in their communities.   We strengthen their advocacy and support inclusive peace processes.

We are working with Yemen's civil society and strengthening their capacity to better respond to emergencies, conflict and climate disasters and help the local population.

Our goals in Yemen

  • We support women, young people and minorities in claiming their rights and in participating meaningfully in decision-making processes. We promote an inclusive peace process and support local dialogue and peace initiatives.
  • We support livelihood opportunities for vulnerable households and families, including women and young people, so that they can access income-generating activities to reduce their vulnerability to shocks and become more resilient
  • We empower local partners and local actors to better manage acute crisis situations, as a result of conflict and natural disasters.
  • We improve access to humanitarian assistance and protection for affected populations
More than eight years of conflict have devastated people’s lives in Yemen. More people are forced to survive with less or have no access to the assistance they need. Women and girls will continue to bear a disproportionate impact of the crisis. Humanitarian assistance alone will not solve the crisis in Yemen. The people of Yemen need an end to the conflict and more sustainable solutions to restore their lives and build their future.
Ferran Puig
Oxfam Country Director in Yemen

Facts about Yemen

  • 71 to about 78 percent of the population is estimated to live below the poverty line, and over half of the population is under 24 years old.
  • Yemen has been plagued by civil wars for decades. Over the past 8 years, Yemen's conflict escalated and Yemen is one of the largest humanitarian crises in the world.
  • Changes to natural disasters, such as repeated floods, are increasing the vulnerability of the war-torn country and have displaced many people.
  • The country ranks second worst on the global hunger index, behind only the Central African Republic.