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Inclusive Peacebuilding

We fight inequality as a structural cause of violent conflict, and we secure meaningful engagement and inclusion of civil society, and particularly women and youth in peace processes.

Working closely with partners and Oxfam affiliates, and building on Oxfam Denmark’ and Oxfams long-term engagement in fragile and conflict affected contexts and promoting equality and inclusion.

In partnership with others, we:

Enable multi-stakeholder / multi level dialogue to enhance effective engagement, inclusion, and influence of civil society in peace negotiations and peacebuilding processes and advocate for more inclusive, effective, and sustainable approaches to peacebuilding

Mainstream conflict analysis and peacebuilding outcomes across other thematic areas of Oxfam Denmark, and to inform specific peacebuilding interventions in focus countries.

Catalyze new ways of working within the international peacebuilding infrastructure, including in the humanitarian / development / peacebuilding nexus, in the approach to local ownership for sustainable peace, and in work to strengthen aid effectiveness in conflict affected contexts, and implementation of SDG 16.

Key documents

This is the key documents, that we have gatheret: