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Building a pathway for durable solutions for Syrian refugees and IDPs in Iraq

Iraq’s socio-political climate is unstable. It experiences high levels of internal displacement and influxes of Syrian refugees across the border. As well as Syrians, Turks and Iranian refugee populations also reside in the country. With little opportunity for these communities to return, durable solutions must be found to integrate and settle them into Iraq. Under 10% of the Syrian refugee population is registered with the Iraqi government and no solutions have been considered for their integration. Without official registration in the country refugees remain marginalised, unable to access the job market or even basic services.

Internally displaced persons (IDPs) within Iraq are often unable to return to their homes due to extensive damage and are also marginalised, experiencing a lack of consistent aid, limited access to basic services and few job opportunities. Immediate action is required to prevent the deepening of inequalities for refugee and IDP communities in Iraq.

The project

The project fights for equal rights of refugees and IDPs in Iraq. Using its extensive partner network, Oxfam develops the advocacy capacities of local humanitarian actors, strengthening their knowledge and enabling them to push duty bearers for a policy on durable solutions for IDPs and refugees. Durable solutions refer to, for example, protection and legal strategies, ensuring access to services, and developing economic rights.

The needs of communities are determined by local actors, ensuring the durable solutions are localised refugee and host communities’ lived experiences. Through public campaigns and research, our partners educate stakeholders on community needs and on the positive potential of integrating IDP and refugee communities into Iraqi society.

This project is supported by the Regional Development and Protection Program with 6,100,000 DKK.

Country: Iraq