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Natural resources, conflict resolution and local mediation in Mozambique

Despite Mozambique’s successful transition beyond violent conflict, instability continues to disrupt the region. Tensions arise from the extraction of natural resources and uneven distribution of their benefits. The profits from resource extraction are huge, yet the communities residing close to the mining sites receive little money whilst they bear the worst effects. Negative impacts on the communities include environmental pollution, forced resettlements, violence, and violation of civic and human rights. As a result of this uneven profiting, extractive locations have become sights of conflict, with increasing tensions between local communities and mining companies.

The project

Interventions so far have failed to focus on conflict resolution in the communities. Consequently, tensions continue to rise as local communities are further marginalized. Peacebuilding work is needed in the regions to prevent tensions from escalating further. Working with local partners, Oxfam targets the worst affected provinces of Cabo Delgado, Inhambane, and Sofa to reduce conflict and tensions. The project reduces tensions by developing the capacities of key stakeholders, improving conflict mediation, advocating for information sharing on extractive practices and promoting inclusive dialogue in the regions.

Through our local partners, we facilitate discussions and resolutions of conflict, providing stakeholders with spaces to hold dialogue sessions with duty bearers. We support community level peacebuilding initiatives to build sustainability and enable local stakeholders to resolve conflicts without assistance.

This project is supported by the EU with 975,000 EUR.Country: Mozambique